Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Repurpose old jeans pants

Few days ago, I decluttered my closet and found this old jeans pants that I used to wear 16 years ago sitting in my closet. And of course, it's not a surprise anymore that this pants still fits on me because I have never gained any weight except after giving birth to my three children.

Since it's still wearable, it'd be such a waste if I throw it away and I also wanted to wear it again but not with that cut. So, my options were cutting it short or making it slim. However, I was not confidence enough to turn a boot cut leg pants into a skinny jeans so I went with  my other option, which was turning it into a pair of shorts . That would be so much easier and I kinda have a shortage of short pants as well. I can save cash to buy something else and the shorts would fit perfectly on me. For this shorts, I made it into rolled style.

And I didn't stop there. I still had the leftover and have seen so many tutorials on how to make bag out of old jeans. And once again, I couldn't help myself for not trying that too. 

It's a reversible jeans bag, by the way.

And now I want to make more.

Happy sewing!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Drawstring bag

Just something that I made to prevent myself from getting sleepy.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Polkadot Boxy Top

I spent the entire day just to make this simple boxy top yesterday. This is my second attempt to make boxy top. I made the first one almost a year ago and it didn't turn out really good but still wearable. Let me show you my first boxy top.

And here is my second attempt ...

Polkadot and stripe
Ribbon label

Though it's better than my first boxy top, it didn't go as I planned. My first plan was to attach peter pan collar on this boxy top but in the process, I cut the neck hole too big so I had to make some pleats on the neck line to make it smaller. I thought it would be too much if I still attached the collar on it. 
So my next to-do list is to make another boxy top with peter pan collar on it for my daughter. 

Happy Sewing


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Macaron Coin Purse

I have seen a lot of tutorials on how to make macaron coin purse and I just can't help myself for not making one. My macaron coin purse was made exactly the same as  those tutorials, the only thing that differentiates mine and those macaron coin purses is the main material used for making my macaron coin purse. Most tutorials tell you to use cover button as one of its material but mine doesn't. I use the cap from 5 gallon water bottle instead. Yes, I have a lot of them because in my country, it's impossible to drink water directly from the tap. So if you want to drink here, you must either boil the water first or buy the bottled water.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Accordion wallet

The last time I made wallet was probably 3 years ago. I used to make a lot of wallets out of felt and my daughter sold them to her friends. Both of my daughters have one each but recently my youngest daughter just lost hers and she didn't have any spare wallet. She didn't ask for the new one yet I just can't let her carrying her lunch money in her school uniform's pocket especially the coin ones. They might fall if she is jumping around. She is such an active kid.

I didn't really feel like making the wallet out of felt again. It's time for me to take my sewing skill to the next level especially since now I have sewing machine in hand. So I browsed around and found a Chinese site that give wallet tutorial. Although I don't understand the language and Google translate also doesn't help much but at least it is provided with step by step pictures and the tutorial is quite clear and easy to understand especially for me who have no clue at all at making fabric wallet.

For someone expert, it probably only takes a few hours to make this wallet but for me, it took a whole day to finish it as I kept making mistake with my sewing. It was also my first time making bias tape. I even have  never used one before.  I thank Google for so many tutorial on how to make your own bias tape. :D  

So, without further ado let me show you my accordion wallet ...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mini messenger bag

Well, finally this is what I call the not-too-ambitious kind of project. A mini messenger bag. Actually it can be finished in less than a week but it took me almost 3 weeks to finish it.

I made this bag by myself without any pattern and to be honest, I didn't have any clue what exactly I did either. I just crochet and crochet ... and voila, it's done. It's not bad either except for the lining. My sewing wasso messy. LOL. Thanks for the bad pictures, you can't see clearly how bad my sewing  is.

At first, I wanted this bag to be big but then I remembered that I've promised myself not to make any ambitious craft projects for the moment otherwise they will end up in a basket with other UFOs (UnFinished Object)
As it's a small bag, I can't use it myself. It's too small for all my stuffs. They won't fit in it. So once again, I gave it to my daughter and she really likes it. Thank you kiddo, you're my number 1 fan.  

So, here it is ...

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014. It's been months since my last post. My New Year resolution for this year is I intended to do more craft but not the too ambitious kind of craft project for they will end up neglected as UFO (UnFinished Object) in the basket.