Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another crocheted pencil case

Still from my 'back to school' project, here are the crocheted pencil case. The blue one was made by me for my son and the bunny one was made by my eldest daughter for herself.

The lining
Happy crocheting!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fabric Crochet Hook Case

Okay, I finally have some free time to sew on my new sewing machine. My first sewing using sewing machine is not perfect yet as I'm still figuring out how to use it properly. Even though I made a lot of mistakes but the result still meets my standard as a new user of sewing machine.

My first sewing using sewing machine is a crochet hook case because I didn't have any proper crochet hook case. The only hook case I have is a plastic case that came with a set of crochet hook when I bought them and it's so bad.  My hooks constantly kept escaping through the holes in the case and made a loud sound when  they hit the floor. So I promised to myself that I will make a decent hook case as soon as possible after my sewing machine arrives.

Wanna see my new crochet hook case? So here it is ....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's here!!!

Yippie, the one that I've been waiting for is here. My new toy, my new best friend, my new SEWING MACHINE.*banana dancing* Now, one of my wish list is already fulfilled. Can you imagine how happy I am?I bet you can.
It was ordered 4 four months ago and I asked them to have it delivered in July. I'm so excited when  it was finally arrived last Tuesday. It is a Messina L9 from Singer. It's only a simple sewing machine but for me who knows nothing about sewing machine, it works just fine. Love it!

See, even my daughter's crocheted bunny pencil case loves it and hops onto it (I will post her crocheted bunny pencil case later when it's done). Can't wait to see what this machine could do for me. By bye hand sewing!

Now, my next wish on the list to fulfill is a craft room. Yeah, I need that so bad :)

Happy sewing!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

{Back To School} Bunny Pencil Case

Hi all fellow crafters, how is your holiday? Mine is good even though we didn't go anywhere, just spent the holidays going swimming with the kids. We go swimming almost every day and as a result, our skin is getting darker yet it's fun though.

The school will start in 2 weeks and it'll be my youngest's first day as a first grader and my eldest as a 7th grader. I'm sure in these 2 weeks I'll be very busy preparing all my kids's school supplies. My youngest is so excited meeting her old and new friends and having new school supplies. And I'm as excited as her as well. So, in order to make her first day at elementary school more fun, I made her a crocheted bunny pencil case.