Thursday, March 13, 2014

Accordion wallet

The last time I made wallet was probably 3 years ago. I used to make a lot of wallets out of felt and my daughter sold them to her friends. Both of my daughters have one each but recently my youngest daughter just lost hers and she didn't have any spare wallet. She didn't ask for the new one yet I just can't let her carrying her lunch money in her school uniform's pocket especially the coin ones. They might fall if she is jumping around. She is such an active kid.

I didn't really feel like making the wallet out of felt again. It's time for me to take my sewing skill to the next level especially since now I have sewing machine in hand. So I browsed around and found a Chinese site that give wallet tutorial. Although I don't understand the language and Google translate also doesn't help much but at least it is provided with step by step pictures and the tutorial is quite clear and easy to understand especially for me who have no clue at all at making fabric wallet.

For someone expert, it probably only takes a few hours to make this wallet but for me, it took a whole day to finish it as I kept making mistake with my sewing. It was also my first time making bias tape. I even have  never used one before.  I thank Google for so many tutorial on how to make your own bias tape. :D  

So, without further ado let me show you my accordion wallet ...

The happy little customer
The sewing itself is not something to be proud of. You can see it yourself  from the pictures above. Anyway I was glad my daughter was very happy. I could see it from her big smile when I gave it to her and she said she couldn't wait to show it to her friends at school. You just made my day with that big smile, kiddo!

Happy sewing!!!    

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