Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Tutorial} Felt Hello Kitty Face Bag

Are you interested in making a felt Hello Kitty face bag? If you are, I'll show you the how-to. I hope you all understand the instruction that I give. Okay, let's get started!

1. Print, draw and cut.

First, all you have to do is print the pattern. I also include the pattern in this tutorial. Download head pattern. Download bow pattern.

After you print them, assemble them as I instruct. Draw the pattern on the felt. Make 4 identical shapes. For this bag, I used 3 different colors. One white colored felt for the face, 2 blue colored felts for the lining and one pink colored felt for the back of the bag. After that, cut those felt and allow seam allowances except the ear and top of the head. Each felt should look like this now.

After cutting the main pattern, prepare its bow, eyes and nose too. Print, draw and cut the bow, eyes and nose pattern. Assemble the bow.

At this time, you  also should make the straps. Cut 4 identical shapes. I use 2 different colors for each strap. I don't include the pattern for the strap in this tutorial because I'm sure you'll be able to make it by yourself. You can adjust its length and width to suit to your needs.

If you like, you also can add pocket. In this tutorial, I will add a pocket.

2.  Face and bow

Arrange and sew the eyes, nose, moustache and the bow on white colored felt like the picture below.

3. The straps

Sew the straps down securely on each blue colored felt.

4. Working on each side of the bag.

Arrange each side of the bag (White felt on blue felt. Pink felt on blue felt) and sew them down but sew only its top (The part with no seam allowance) using blanket stitch.

And this is how they should look like after you sew them. ...

5. The last sewing

Arrange the white colored felt and pink colored felt facing each other and sew them down. Just sew on the blue dashes as shown below.
You also can sew the blue dashes using back stitch.

6. Flip it!

After you finished sewing the bag, now flip them right side out and voila, you did it!
If you want this tutorial in pdf, you can download it here.

I hope you enjoy this cute felt Hello Kitty face bag. Please feel free to leave any comments. I would also love to see if anyone uses this tutorial and what your bag ended up looking like.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love this purse. I know just the person to make it for. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thank you so much!!! Your tutorial helped me make one for my niece as a Christmas present....I can't wait to see her face. i can try uploading my creation so you can see it. Thank you so muh again!! :)

  3. @ Jackie C

    I'm glad my tutorial has been useful for you and I do really love to see yours.

  4. Thank you for replying and thanks again for the tutorial! I love inventing and creating stuff. Here's the link for the one i actually white, i dont know why it came out like that I hope u can see it

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  7. I dont think you'll be able to see the other link, so here is another one, I deleted a couple of messages because my pc kept acting up, here's the other link.

    1. The link is fine. I just now saw yours. It's very lovely. I'm so happy finally seeing someone make a use of my tutorial. Hope u have a very merry Christmas. :-)

  8. Thank you!! Glad you like it :) Have a very Merry Christmas as well :)

  9. Thank you! I was looking for a purse / bag that I could make for my daughter's birthday party favors. I will be whipping these up in the next month. Thankfully she's only 5, so there will only be 6 to make:)


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