Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Macaron Coin Purse

I have seen a lot of tutorials on how to make macaron coin purse and I just can't help myself for not making one. My macaron coin purse was made exactly the same as  those tutorials, the only thing that differentiates mine and those macaron coin purses is the main material used for making my macaron coin purse. Most tutorials tell you to use cover button as one of its material but mine doesn't. I use the cap from 5 gallon water bottle instead. Yes, I have a lot of them because in my country, it's impossible to drink water directly from the tap. So if you want to drink here, you must either boil the water first or buy the bottled water.

Yes, I do really love craft projects you can make a use of item you would normally just throw it away because it's not just a good way to recycle but also an excellent source for free crafting material.

Happy crafting!!!



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