Friday, June 14, 2013

{Tutorial} My Melody Felt Bag

It's been a long time since my last tutorial. I guess it's the time for me to share another tutorial with you. Today's tutorial is My Melody Bag. For those who happen have ever been stumbled upon my blog perhaps know I have ever made a My Melody bag. It was made out of felt and as usual I always use another piece of felt as lining to make the bag stronger. This bag is almost as big as the Hello Kitty bag I made.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

1. The pattern

Download the pattern here. Print and arrange them as below.

I don't include the pattern for the straps in this tutorial. All you have to do is just cut 4 identical rectangles. You can adjust the length and width to suit to your needs,

If you like, you also can add pocket. In this tutorial, I will add a pocket.

2. Draw the pattern

Draw the pattern on the fabric, allow seam allowances and cut on the red dashed line.

3. Assemble the outside of  front bag

Place the face part behind the front hood part and sew them along the blue dashed line using running stitch. After sewing them, now you can attach the eyes and the nose. You can either sew them or just glue them. This will be your front head part.

4. Adding a pocket

This is optional. If you would like to add a pocket, you can add it either on the front bag lining or the back bag lining or on both sides.

5. Working on the straps

Sew the straps down securely on each lining felt. Sew the strap a little on the ears (on these X and I mark) to hold the ears from falling down fully.

6. Assemble the front bag and the back bag

Place the back hood part (the one with straps) behind the front head part, sew blanket stitch along the green dashed line.

Line up the lining and the outside of the back bag (the one without strap and pocket) and sew along green dashed line using blanket stitch.

7. We're almost done!!

To finish this bag, arrange the outside part of front bag and back bag facing each other and then sew the blue dashed line using running stitch. It will look like the pictures below.

After sewing the bag, now it's time to flip them right side out and there you go. You did it!

If you want this tutorial in pdf, you can download it here

Now you can enjoy your new, cute My Melody bag. Please feel free to leave any comments. I would also love to see if anyone make a use of this tutorial and how your bag ended up looking like.

Happy crafting!!!

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