Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Repurpose old jeans pants

Few days ago, I decluttered my closet and found this old jeans pants that I used to wear 16 years ago sitting in my closet. And of course, it's not a surprise anymore that this pants still fits on me because I have never gained any weight except after giving birth to my three children.

Since it's still wearable, it'd be such a waste if I throw it away and I also wanted to wear it again but not with that cut. So, my options were cutting it short or making it slim. However, I was not confidence enough to turn a boot cut leg pants into a skinny jeans so I went with  my other option, which was turning it into a pair of shorts . That would be so much easier and I kinda have a shortage of short pants as well. I can save cash to buy something else and the shorts would fit perfectly on me. For this shorts, I made it into rolled style.

And I didn't stop there. I still had the leftover and have seen so many tutorials on how to make bag out of old jeans. And once again, I couldn't help myself for not trying that too. 

It's a reversible jeans bag, by the way.

And now I want to make more.

Happy sewing!!

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