Monday, July 1, 2013

{Back To School} Bunny Pencil Case

Hi all fellow crafters, how is your holiday? Mine is good even though we didn't go anywhere, just spent the holidays going swimming with the kids. We go swimming almost every day and as a result, our skin is getting darker yet it's fun though.

The school will start in 2 weeks and it'll be my youngest's first day as a first grader and my eldest as a 7th grader. I'm sure in these 2 weeks I'll be very busy preparing all my kids's school supplies. My youngest is so excited meeting her old and new friends and having new school supplies. And I'm as excited as her as well. So, in order to make her first day at elementary school more fun, I made her a crocheted bunny pencil case.

The body for bunny pencil case was made based on a pattern in a book but it doesn't have any bunny head on it. I created the amigurumi bunny head myself based on a lot of free pattern of bunny amigurumi on the internet.

The actual tail based on the pattern is just a sphere shaped tail filled with stuffing but I think it will be much more cute if I made a mini pompom for its tail.

Since it's a crocheted pencil case, the pencils will be very easy to slide out through the stitches so adding a lining will be a good idea for this pencil case.

This pencil case is quite big and fits for a lot of pencils and markers.

This is how it looks from above ...

My daughter is so happy with this bunny pencil case, she even brings it to bed to accompany her sleeping.
I'm so happy and can't wait to make more stuff for her first day as a first grader.

Happy stitching!!!


  1. Can you make a pattern for this? Please... :)

    1. I'll see what I can do about it. I kind of forget where I put the pattern I made for this bunny head. I'm so sloppy. :p

  2. And this is very beautiful my niece loves rabbits she will be happy to see this thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon

  3. This is great. Very wonderful! I am a college student and would love a cute bunny case as this one to make me smile whenever I get up to study!
    If you don't mind would you let me know the pattern of this case. And if you got it online would you mind telling me the location you got it from.
    Also what's the material you used called?

    This is impressive. I would suggest making more and selling it on eBay and Etsy, I would definitely buy from you!

    Have a good one,


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