Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Little Queenie learning to sew

When I was finishing my kid's new felt wallet, out of blue, my youngest said that she wanted to stitch. I was so excited that my 6 yo daughter wanted to stitch. So, I gave her my leftover felt and taught her the simplest stitch.

Queenie in action
I really love how she insisted to draw and cut the pattern by herself. The first pattern she drew was the star (as the picture below)

She said the red one is a hand fan and the pink one is a star
She brought her crafts to school and showed them to her friends and came home with some felt craft requests from her school friends.

2 Patricks
She made another star shaped felt and 2 love shaped felts for her friends, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of those love shaped felts before she gave those to her friends. :( 

After her brother and sister said that the star looked like Patrick Star in Spongebob, she glued some buttons on it to make it really look like Patrick.

Playing with scraps
Her last unfinished project is, as what she calls it, a little cushion. She cut the scraps, arranged and glued them. I can't wait for it to finish. Will post the picture later.

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