Monday, March 18, 2013

Japanese Sewing Books

I'm so excited right now because I will have my first sewing machine delivered on June and my husband is going to Japan in May. Well, actually for the last part I'm not quite excited because I can't go with him to Japan since it is a business trip, as you know fellow crafters, Japan has a lot of cute thing such as fabrics, craft stuff and many more but his promise for bringing me some Japanese sewing books kinda makes me cheerful. And here are the preview of the books I want.

The books I really really want the most are books about wallet and bag. Those two things are kinda universal.  Who doesn't love bag and wallet, right? If I could, I do want to have a full closet of bag.

 ハンドメイドのお財布 translated as 'Handmade wallet" (ISBN 978-4-529-05006-7) 

 もっと!ハンドメイドのお財布, translated as "More! Handmade wallet" (ISBN 978-4-529-05101-9) 

 いちばんよくわかる - 毎日使いたいバッグ translated as "Everyday Bags" (ISBN 978-4-529-04898-9) 

 クライムキ。バッグ作 りの超基本, translated as "Kurai Muki’s Basic Bag Making" (ISBN 978-4-07-275352-1)
My second interest is sewing clothes. I have 2 daughters and love to dress up them in cute clothes and accessories. I have sewn one top for my youngest daughter, it was a reversible top. It wasn't well sewn but still wearable for my daughter. She even wears it again and again. Luv you, kiddo!

Sewing recipe - 月居良子 - (ISBN 978-4-579-11180-0)

Sewing recipe for girl’s - 月居良子 - (ISBN 978-4-579-11352-1)

 いちばんよくわかる 刺しゅうの基礎  , translated as "Basic of the most well known embroidery" (ISBN 978-4-529-04899-6)
Yep, I just start learning how to crochet as I write this post and I have mastered chain stitch. :p 

いちばんよくわかる かぎ針あみの編み目記号118と模様編み123 (ISBN 978-4-529-05087-6)

 いちばんよくわかる かぎ針あみの基礎 , translated as "Basic of the most well known crochet" (ISBN 978-4-529-04886-6)

 かんたん!わかりやすい! かぎ針あみの基本 , translated as "It's easy! Friendly! Basic Crochet" (ISBN 978-4-529-05139-2)

Most of these books are from Nihon Vogue. Actually some of these books are being sold here in my country but  the prices are double from their original price so it will be cheaper if my husband brings me these directly from Japan while he's away on business. 

As these book are written in Japanese so I assume it will be a bit tricky for me to understand the instruction inside. While I was browsing these books, I stumbled upon a blog that review Japanese sewing book and she has this Japanese sewing terms in pdf available to download. I have downloaded it and hope it'll come handy by the time I get those books. You can check it out here. And not just that, she is also open to do translating Japanese pattern for you. Nice, right?  For another blog for Japanese sewing terms, you can visit here

Have any suggestion what other book I also should buy?

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