Monday, March 25, 2013

Great videos for learning basic crochet

I firstly learned the basic crochet from a book that I bought. I thought the book was clear enough for a beginner like me but right after I really started crocheting, the book turns out not as clear as I thought it was to be. My first crochet project I did in my previous post based on that book was totally unsuccessful. I didn't finish it. I made a lot of mistakes, I was so frustrated but I haven't given up on crocheting yet.  So, since I'm more to a visual kind of person, I went to YouTube and tried to find a good tutorial video and found these great videos. These videos are really helpful and easy to understand especially for beginner. It taught basic crochet very well compared to other videos I watched. Here are the videos.

1. How to tie a slip knot

2. Chain crochet stitch

3. Single crochet stitch

4. Half double crochet stitch

5. Double crochet stitch

6. Triple/Treble crochet stitch

7. Slip stitch

8. Turning

9. Increasing and decreasing stitches

10. Crocheting in the round

11. How to fasten off

12. How to join motifs or make seam

What I need now is a good and simple tutorial video about how to read crochet pattern.

Happy crocheting!

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