Sunday, April 1, 2012

Felt Matryoshka Pillow Doll

Yay, it's my weekend project! It's a pillow. It's a doll. It's both so I call it "pillow doll". You can call it anything. It's matryoshka pillow doll. For this pillow doll, I used the pattern from my matryoshka bag but I enlarge it a bit to make it a bit wider.Since I have no sewing machine, I hand to sew it by hand so pardon me if it's a bit messy at the edge.

And here she is ...

matryoshka pillow
Yes. I need a hug.
Happy face
Happy face.
With her little sister
And she's not alone.
And so is my daughter. She's also happy having a new friend.

Happy crafting!

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