Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Project in 2015: Car trash bin

It's been months I didn't make any craft projects due to my tight schedule and finally today I managed to make one.

This craft isn't my original idea. I was inspired by so many posts in Pinterest and when I saw those posts I said to myself "Hey, that's what I need for my car". If you want to make this too, you can just easily google the tutorial or you can click here if you are too lazy to type.

The instruction is really easy to follow. It took me 1.5 hours to finish it. Instead of using Peltex (Pellon) to create a holder for the plastic bag, I use plastic container. To be honest, actually I don't know what peltex is or where I can find it in my area. I think plastic container is perfect for this trash bin. Both are washable if they get dirty and I guess it's my way to recycle plastic trash at home. Being able to make use of plastic trash somehow gives you some sort of satisfaction, right?

Basically, I just followed all the instruction but I reversed the steps. The first thing I did was cutting the plastic container in half and adjusting the fabric accordingly. 

Finally, this is how it looks like in my car. Now I can have cleaner car. No more trashes, kids! 

Look, how cute it is! :D

Happy sewing!

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