Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's here!!!

Yippie, the one that I've been waiting for is here. My new toy, my new best friend, my new SEWING MACHINE.*banana dancing* Now, one of my wish list is already fulfilled. Can you imagine how happy I am?I bet you can.
It was ordered 4 four months ago and I asked them to have it delivered in July. I'm so excited when  it was finally arrived last Tuesday. It is a Messina L9 from Singer. It's only a simple sewing machine but for me who knows nothing about sewing machine, it works just fine. Love it!

See, even my daughter's crocheted bunny pencil case loves it and hops onto it (I will post her crocheted bunny pencil case later when it's done). Can't wait to see what this machine could do for me. By bye hand sewing!

Now, my next wish on the list to fulfill is a craft room. Yeah, I need that so bad :)

Happy sewing!!!

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