Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Felt MP3 Player cover

My daughter just got her school report and her grades are so good. She's able to maintain her previous scores. I'm so proud of her and good scores deserve good gift. So, since she likes listening to music, I bought her an MP3 player. To complete her gift, I thought I should also make a cover for her MP3 player. I've never made an MP3 player cover before so I tried googling for a tutorial but I couldn't find anything that I wanted. I have no idea what I was going to make, I just kept cutting and as usual, adding some details here and there in the middle of process.

This MP3 player cover is hand sewn and made of felt.

Front cover

My daughter's monogram
I made a mistake in this part. There's something that I forgot to sew. Can you see it in the picture above?

Menu button
The bottom part
She still can plug in the cable data or ear phone without having to take it out.

This is how it looks like when opened.
Back cover
I added that purple slot so she can add a strap and attach it on her arm or belt.

As you see, I'm such a bad sewer. I have problem keeping my stitching straight and neat. Those pictures above really tell you how my stitching is. But thank goodness my daughter is a very loyal client. :) Yes, she likes it.

Keep up the good work, kid!

Happy sewing!

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