Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reversible Wristlet Clutch

After seeing so many cute clutches, I've been dying to make one. So, after so many blogwalking, I finally found this 'sew a simple foldover clutch' tutorial and also a 'How to make an easy clutch'  video tutorial. The instruction they gave are really easy to follow and you can make it in a hour by using a sewing machine. FYI : I still don't have a sewing machine yet.  So, it took a whole day for me to finish it. Hand sewing is very time consuming.

And I did it! I made a clutch and this clutch is reversible. So, if I get bored with one side, I could flip over the clutch. Hey, a woman always needs more than one clutch, right?

So, here's mine ...

Reversible clutch.

Oh, wait. It's not mine anymore. Because after I finished sewing it, my daughter took it. Well, I guess I have to make another one then.

Happy sewing!

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