Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Felt Hello Kitty Face Bag

My daughter loves everything about Hello Kitty but I rarely buy her hello Kitty stuff. So, I had a plan to make her a Hello Kitty face bag. I made it from felt and hand sewed it. To me, sewing felt bag is quite tiring since I always use double felt on each side to make it thicker and stronger to carry lots of things. However I do still enjoy sewing it. The size of this bag is about 40 cm wide and 35 cm tall.

I'm glad my daughter loves it.

And she can't wait to use it to school. :)

Hello Kitty bag
Hello Kitty felt bag

For tutorial and free pattern, go here

Happy crafting!


  1. could you give more detail on how u made it, my baby agrees she loves hello kitty, i would like to make her one.. but need more help with it if you don't mind

    1. Hi, Elisa. I'm not really good explaining the how-to in words but I don't mind sharing the instruction with pictures in it by email if you're interested.


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